User research and UX design delivery for a leading logistics startup which has raised over $100 million in investment

FCUX worked with a leading logistics product company to conduct research and usability studies and design the experience for their digital platform. As a logistics aggregator, the company acts as a marketplace connecting potential customers, who are essentially large and small businesses, with truck owners and freight operators for inter-city transport of goods. It is also piloting a platform where truck owners and operators can access additional services to run a business—be it sale of trucks or purchase of insurance. FCUX helped them design the UX for various stakeholders in the ecosystem such as the truck owners, truck drivers and demand generators.

Here are some of the screens for the platform designed.

We designed the app to revolutionize freight by making it a seamless experience for shippers and fleet operators.The stakeholders can get trucks at the best price and track of the shipments. It will help fleet operators in ensuring optimal utilization and effective management of their fleet.