The Imagin 6D Framework

All UX designers at Fortune Cookie are trained on our Imagin 6D design process.
Our process has been built on our many years of experience in design product UX
across industries and platforms.

6D UX process

The Imagin 6D UX process is an essential step wise process of defining and designing a digital product. As companies move towards creating efficient processes with going digital, it becomes imperative for the businesses to adopt the right UX design approach so that the goals of the digitalization & the product can be achieved. It is also important to cater to the user’s perception and responses to the product. Hence an imperative role of the designer is to anticipate the usage of the product. The Imagin 6D framework is a structured set of activities that designers need to follow during the process of design.

Imagin 6d framework

The Imagin 6D framework is distributed in three major spaces - Design Strategy Space, Design solution space and the Design delivery space. Each of these spaces is defined below: -

Design strategy space

The first phase of the Imagin 6D UX design process covers the first two Ds - Discover & Define. This is the phase where we discover the business requirement through stakeholder interviews, understand the technology and conduct user research.

Dicovery is followed by Define where we document our findings by creating personas, user journey maps, task flows and information architecture. This is the phase where we create the design stratgey based on business needs, technology infrastructure available and most importantly creating value for users by understanding their needs and painpoints.

Design SOLUTION space

This is the phase where the designers actually start solutioning and putting pen to paper to visualise the design. At this stage we Dream to conceptualise design differentiators and optimize the flows and IA. After this stage we start working on the detailed interaction design using tools such as messy wireframes, paper prototypes, digital wireframes and clickable walkthroughs.

Design DELIVERY space

The design delivery phase helps in implementing the design solution. Design delivery takes into consideration the different technology platforms the solution needs to be created on, the different resolution and screen sizes for the digital product etc. Here we also define as to how the delivery will take place with the engineers to develop the digital product. It consists of two steps – Develop and Deliver. The develop phase is where most of the visual design will be done. The Deliver space helps in creating the right design documentation and design guidelines for the product. This is also followed by usability testing to identify any gaps or breaks in the product experience.