Fortune Cookie is a UX Design company that has been creating amazing digital experiences since 2008.
Our strength has always been bringing digital processes to business - through a mobile app, a web portal or wearables.
We are digital by DNA, bringing efficiencies to systems and processes and a sense of clarity for your products.


Innovation Management Process

Innovation management process implement and
sustain innovation in your organization

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Customer Journey

Customer experience for Banking. Know your
customers better

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UX Design for

IOT – Users want experience not technology

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User Research process for organizations

Understand the users to deliver
amazing UX Design services

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Design thinking needs to challenge conventional thought...

Design thinking is a tool being used by various leaders to challenge ...

Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO 3 MIN READ

The future of healthcare is here – first digital pill approved by FDA...

FDA, yesterday approved the first digital pill. A pill called Abilify Mycite is for ...

Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO 3 MIN READ

Design thinking is a team sport. Its like football...

There has been no better tool, no better thought process than Design ...

Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO 3 MIN READ

DESIGN THINKING – Drowned, mutilated and murdered

Design thinking has died and it went through a slow miserable death...

Shashank Shwet
Founder & CEO 3 MIN READ