FCUX Design Services

FCUX is a leading full services digital design consultancy. We offer our customers a wide
range of services including design strategy, design delivery and usability services.

Design Thinking & Product Lockdown Workshops

As digital consultants we help organizations define their the design strategies using tools such Design Thinking and product lockdown workshops. Our vast experience across different industry segments including Banking, Insurance, financial services, healthcare, pharma, media, manufacturing, retail and more has given us a wide spectrum of understanding expereinces as they affect different segments of users.

Innovation Management

We work with both large and small, service and product organizations to help them innovate for better products. Fortune Cookie UX Design is the innovation management partner responsible for leading innovation of digital products that match business strategy and goals through research, prototyping and quick market validation before commercialization. We setup an innovation process in organizations to ensure that innovation is practiced across the organization and all employees and stakeholders play a part in making the organization more innovative.

Institutionalization of UX

Today, user experience and design thinking have become essential to being successful and remaining relevant with users. This requires a strong emphasis towards building the right set of capabilities to be able to compete in this digital landscape.

FCUX helps organizations setup mature UX design teams and user centric practices. We handhold our customers across their journey of building digital capabilites and have worked with a large number of IT and product companies to help setup a UX practice.

Digital by DNA

FCUX, has institued a patented framwork called - Digital by DNA, to help organizations adopt to digitalization across different verticles and business functions. Through the Digital by DNA study we look at the organization through 4 lenses - customer experience, employee experience, process experience and decision making experience. We apply the concepts of design thinking, service design, research and usability to help organizations create and execute a holistic digital strategy.

The Digital by DNA study is aimed at identifying areas of digitalization and then achieving ROI of cost, effeciency and productivity through digital initiatives.

Digital Consulting

As a team of design thinkers and strategists we excel at using design thinking to help large organizations to solve tricky problems using the power of design thinking. Whether it is service innovation, new product conceptualization or innovating for customer experience we will help you achieve your goals with the patented Dream Design Thinking process.

Once we derive the future strategy our team of UX experts will help convert your vision to reality.

Program Management

Today, an organization can stay relevant only as long as it keeps innovating. The world is changing so fast that it sometimes becomes difficult to keep pace.

FCUX has created a copyright innovation management process which helps organizations create a culture of innovation within the organization and leverage the collective strength of the organization as a whole to drive new ideas and innovations.